Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Nathan

You're growing up so fast. I know I've said this over a hundred times already, but it's true. Yesterday, I looked at you while you were having your first haircut and all I could say to myself was, "He's not so little anymore". Although I'm sure you will forever be a baby in my eyes and in my heart, reality catches up to Mommy and... ack.

I'm all over the place, you see. There are times when I just look at you and I almost want to say, "Don't grow up too fast!" but then there are times that I wish you'd grow up so we can enjoy more things together. Ang gulo ni Mommy noh?

I'm just amazed -- at everything you do. How you try to understand the world around you. How you focus on something. I know you have a thousand questions in your mind and you can't wait to know the answer to them. Basta hinay hinay lang, we'll go through that together, okay?

For now, just forgive me for being emo. I swear at my state right now, I'd probably cry over all the clothes you've outgrown, or the shoes you won't be able to wear anymore. Haha.

Ang laki mo na kasi talaga.


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