Thursday, February 16, 2012


"Wala kayong yaya? Kaya niyo?" asked my next-door neighbor this morning.

Oo nga noh, I realized. Wala kaming yaya. Walang helper, for years now. I guess our very unfortunate experiences with our previous helpers already traumatized us and the thought of getting a new one just scares the hell out of me.

So we've decided to not get a yaya or an all-around helper, for peace of mind. With all the horror stories on yaya's caught on cams, jusko, wag na. Sarili ko nga hindi ko mapatawad pag may nagawa akong mali kay Nathan, ibang tao pa kaya. And surprisingly, I'm kind of enjoying the household chores. To those who know me really well, this is really something.

This morning, I ditched the mop and went traditional with a rug, put on a great music and scrubbed like I was dancing aerobics. Haha! Crazy, I know. Even Nathan thinks so too coz he was smiling at me the whole time. I must have looked like I was the missing member of the Wiggles. LOL!

Honestly, it's too early to tell. We've been here for almost two weeks, ask me again few months from now, when Nathan starts walking and running, I might just change my mind about household help. Right now, it's easy breezy with Bob helping me whenever he can. He's cool like that.

On getting Nathan a yaya -- I don't see myself doing that right now, or in the future. I'd like to remain as hands on as I can with Nathan. I love being able to witness every milestone, and being the first person to scream, "Dad! Dali tignan mo!!" whenever Nathan does something new. It's very rewarding. I know it sounds cliche but it really is.

"Yes, walang yaya. Kinakaya. Kakayanin." -- I told my neighbor.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obligatory Valentine's Day Post.

Love is work.

It is, in fact, hard work. People think that when you fall in love and get married, that's the guarantee that love won't fade. Marriage isn't a prize, it's not a trophy you give to your boyfriend/girlfriend because they behaved well. Marriage, I realized, is a work in progress.

It's waking up everyday and choosing to fall in love again and again with the person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with. It's falling in love with him despite and in spite of everything. It's choosing to accept everything about the person, good or bad, and embracing it.

It's loving him even when he snores so loud in the evening and it ruins your beauty sleep. It's resisting the urge to bury his face in a pillow because you'd rather not sleep than suffocate him. It's being there for him even when he's so irritating that he drives you nuts already. Ah, sometimes it makes you want to self-admit in a rehab center. It's taking care of him even when you know so little of medicine and the mere sight of blood makes you faint. It's sitting beside him when he's feeling so down, understanding him despite the lack of words.

Love is work. Marriage is a work-in-progress. You don't get married and become the  perfect couple. You will fight, you will argue, you will agree to disagree. He will become your best friend, but at times, he will be your mortal enemy as well. Sometimes, you ran them over in your dreams. You may even say curse words in your head. Sometimes, it would be easier to quit -- but you know so well by now that long, deep breaths will work magic.

Love is knowing that he snores because he's tired, from working straight hours so he can provide for you and your family. Because he loves you so much that he wants to secure the future. He will work long hours, he may even trade days off for a bonus (he knows you'll get mad, but he prays you will understand).

It's knowing that he wants to be with you even when it looks like he's pushing you away. Knowing that your voice is soothing, like music to his ears (well, when you're not nagging). It's knowing that when you take care of him, it makes him the most special person on earth. It's picking up tiny hints here and there that he loves you, and he appreciates what you do for him, even without him saying it out loud.

Love, it makes us crazy, stupid even. But what the heck, right? Love is wonderful, and finding that one person to share this magical feeling makes everything else a breeze.

Love is work, but most of all, love is realizing that every hour, every minute, and every second was worth it because you did it together. ~ Angela Florio

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Home

We've been incredibly busy since we moved in our new home, but I think it's the kind of busy that makes you really giddy instead of tired. That, or talagang punong-puno lang kami ng energy for this new home.

It's a work in progress. We still have a lot of things to buy for the house. But it's okay. "Baby steps," we keep telling ourselves. For now, we'll make the most out of what we have. Bob has been working double time to meet deadlines and earn bonuses so we can buy new things. With the rate he's going, I'm confident we'll have everything ready by this month. Haha!

I'm kinda surprised that I'm enjoying all the household chores din. (Ask me again months from now, baka mag-iba sagot ko. Haha!) I wake up at 4:30 am (no alarm yan ah!) then bangon na agad to fix things and prepare breakfast. By 6am, almost done na ko. Siguro the downside to having a big house (well, big enough for three) is that -- MALAKI din ang lilinisin. That's two bedrooms and three bathrooms to clean! Oh well. Bob's been helping naman with chores and even proposed that we do a schedule! As in MWF-TThS ang drama. He wants to take turn with the cooking na din! Wow diba?

I'm really happy with how the things are going right now. 2012 came in with a great promise ha, in fairness. :) Continue to be kind, 2012. But know that as early as now, love na love ka na namin.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy 10 months, Nathan!

Dear Nathan,

10 months ka na today. Oh how time flies. Gasgas na yung linya ko na yan, pero that's just how I feel everyday. Sometimes, I say to myself, "Sana lumaki ka na" and then take it back the next minute, kasi I want to enjoy this moment more. Ang gulo ni Mommy noh?

At ten months, ganun parin. You're still as amazing and wonderful as you were before, siguro nga mas lalo pa ngayon. You never fail to surprise us with your sweet little milestones. You know how to make Mommy happy when I'm a bit sad. You know how to take away Dad's fatigue from work. You are a delight to everyone, to our family and to our friends. You should know ang dami dami daming nagmamahal sayo.

Mommy has lesser mommy-boo-boos now. Thank you for being patient with me. I continue to realize that motherhood is a never-ending process. We continue to learn everyday. I don't think I'll ever be the perfect Mom, but I'll be the best I can be for you, promise yan.

We love you,



It's our fifth year anniversary today! (Well, as boyfriend-girlfriend) Do married couples still celebrate that? We do, I do. I like the thought it has been 5 years since that night that changed the rest of our lives.

As posted on Facebook:
I remember texting Bunsoi, "Pano ko sasagutin, hindi naman nagtatanong?!" And how nervous you were when you finally asked if I felt the same way. Nun lang ako nakarinig ng napakaraming stutter in just one sentence. Haha! Hayyy.. and how we both cried when I said yes! Ang corny lang natin nuon Dudad!!

It's been a wonderful five years, masaya -- nakakabaliw, pero masaya. Agree ka ba dun? Oh, cheers to a life time of kabaliwan. :p

Happy 5th Anniversary, Dudad. I love you! :)

Sharing pics from 2007 to present. :) Nene-Totoy days pa ito.

[caption id="attachment_12906621530" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Our first date. January 2007. "][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12906621531" align="alignnone" width="529" caption="April 2008."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12906621532" align="alignnone" width="320" caption="March 2009. Eraserheads Concert. The Final Set. My Surprise birthday gift to Bob. :)"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12906621533" align="alignnone" width="529" caption="2010 -- Syempre, our wedding year! The most memorable year ever!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12906621534" align="alignnone" width="529" caption="... and Nathan came along! Best gift of 2011."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_12906621535" align="alignnone" width="529" caption="Hoping the best for 2012!"][/caption]

I know that five years is nothing compared to the lifetime we'll spend with each other. Growing old isn't so scary anymore because of you and Nathan. Thanks for everything, Dudad. :)