Friday, May 18, 2012

It's so fluffy!

This came in the mail today! Yay!

I know I said quota na ko sa cloth diapers for Nathan but these are just too cute to pass on. Pero on a more serious note (baka nagbabasa si hubby), we need this in preparation of the rainy season. (wink)


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I still hate you, thunder and lightning.

Last night was torture. Ang lakas ng kulog at kidlat, feeling ko tatama yung kidlat sa bintana anytime. Parang naka-surround system lang yung effect ng kulog. It was around 9pm na and Nathan was already sleeping in his crib. The funny thing is, wala siyang pakeelam! Ni hindi man lang nagugulat sa tunog.

Di katulad ng mommy, dakilang takot sa kidlat at kulog since birth. Haha!

So I took him from his crib, tinabi ko sakin, ang reasoning ko: Baka natatakot, hindi lang pinapahalata. Haha! In the end, it was me who found comfort in Nathan rather than the other way around. Oha, I always thought that he would draw courage from me when he needs it, baliktad pala. :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I know I must have blogged it somewhere, about Bob not being the mushy/sweet type and how he stands by this belief that "roses are overused and if he gives me one, he'll lose originality."--- something I have come to terms with over the years we've been together. Don't get me wrong, he's not dead stiff, in all fairness to him, he tries to come up with something, like painting or composing songs (which I really love, feeling ko ang haba ng hair ko.) You get the point.

So, few days before Mother's day, imagine my surprise when I saw on his browser that he googled "Sophie Kinsella." Haha! Okay, hindi niya alam na nakita ko, so Dad if you're reading this -- yes, I sort of had a hunch. Haha! Side-kwento, we were talking and the subject came up, he said... "Ano nga yung bagong book ni Kinsella? I Have Your Number?" Ang tawa ko talaga kasi the way he said it, parang nagbabanta lang. 

The thing is, I've been wanting to buy the new book, but I don't know, the price seemed a bit high for me. Or dahil feeling ko ang dami ko nang mabibiling children's book at that price kaya parang ayoko bumili. I really didn't thought he was paying attention when I was looking at it.

To make the long story short, he gave it to me the night before Mom's day. I guess he was forced to give it to me early coz I was throwing a bit of a tantrum that night. Umalis kasi siya for a while and I thought he bought me a Starbucks drink. When he got home emptyhanded, nagtampo ako. Hahaha! 

But in all honesty, it's not about the gift. My mother's day would still be perfect even without a gift from Bob, because the truth is, yun na e -- sila na ni Nathan ang gift ko for life. Sinagot na ni Lord ang lahat ng birthday, Christmas, New Year, Valentines wish ko. They are my life treasures, and I couldn't be more happier. I look at them everyday and I realize how blessed I am for having everything I need just within arm's reach. 

Wishing you had a fab mom's day as well,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Allergy scare.

Nathan gave us quite a scare a few days ago when red spots/rashes suddenly turned up on his whole body. First thought was it could be tigdas, but then he has no fever. So I called his pedia, and she told me as long as there's no fever, all we need to do is to observe. As soon as I put down the phone, I remembered that we gave Nathan a teeny tiny bite of Patchi chocolate just minutes ago. I checked what remained of the chocolate and found out that there are small, ground almonds and raisins in it!

I panicked, coz I know that nuts should not be given to kids under three since it poses a risk for allergies talaga. So I texted his pedia and said told her about the nuts. She said to start with the anti-allergy medicine and keep her updated with Nathan's rashes. So Bob went out to buy medicines for Nathan and thankfully, Nathan didn't fight us when it was time to take the meds.

At dahil sadyang praning at paranoid lang talaga kaming mag-asawa, we decided to bring Nathan to Medical City Antipolo. Nathan's pedia, Dra. Acosta is only there during wednesdays and fridays, so we were assigned to a different pedia. Buti nalang, she confirmed that it was only allergies (which thankfully, wasn't severe since Nathan only took a tiny bite of the chocolate). She explained what tigdas (measles) look like and explained how Nathan's rashes is different from it. She looked at Nathan's records and said, "Ikaw naman Mommy, may vaccine si Nathan for measles oh. Very rare na magkaron siya nyan dahil may vaccine na siya." 

Oo nga pala noh! I totally forgot about that. *Facepalm*

On my defense, I always say that when it comes to Nathan, I'd rather err on the side of caution. Okay na ko mapagastos ng konti sa check-up or masabihan na praning, paranoid, OA basta alam ko lang na ok talaga si Nathan and there's nothing to worry about. 

To date, okay na yung rashes ni Nathan. Buti naman. At one point natakot pa ko baka mag-iwan ng mark. Buti nalang wala. :)


Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Nathan

You're growing up so fast. I know I've said this over a hundred times already, but it's true. Yesterday, I looked at you while you were having your first haircut and all I could say to myself was, "He's not so little anymore". Although I'm sure you will forever be a baby in my eyes and in my heart, reality catches up to Mommy and... ack.

I'm all over the place, you see. There are times when I just look at you and I almost want to say, "Don't grow up too fast!" but then there are times that I wish you'd grow up so we can enjoy more things together. Ang gulo ni Mommy noh?

I'm just amazed -- at everything you do. How you try to understand the world around you. How you focus on something. I know you have a thousand questions in your mind and you can't wait to know the answer to them. Basta hinay hinay lang, we'll go through that together, okay?

For now, just forgive me for being emo. I swear at my state right now, I'd probably cry over all the clothes you've outgrown, or the shoes you won't be able to wear anymore. Haha.

Ang laki mo na kasi talaga.


New Books. :)

Yesterday, while at SM Masinag -- I decided to check Books for Less again and went home with three books for only 250 pesos. :) The photo above is from the book, "I love you, Little One" by Nancy Tafuri. 


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Don't be so quick to judge.

I think one of the most important lessons I've learned with mommyhood is this -- don't be so quick to judge. I don't know why, but for some reason, when I became a mom, I became more understanding of life -- of people.

When you see a mom using TV to babysit her kid, It's so easy to say, "Oh my that's against perfect-parenting 101! You shouldn't let your kids watch TV! Haven't you read about the effects of TV to kids below 2 years old?" You may not even say it out loud, but believe me -- the parent feels the judgement.

I know because I've experienced this first hand. I'm a new mom -- with zero idea on how to take care of a child. I relied on books, on google -- and (unsolicited) advices. But with these advices came unwanted remarks, sometimes bordering insensitive. I figured at some point in my life, I might have done the same thing to a mom -- so it's just karma acting in.

So I made this 'resolution' -- not to judge, period. I will offer advices only when asked, or if the conversation deems for it. I will choose my words carefully. Every parent is an expert, in their own way. I don't need to be perfect in the eyes of other people, I just need my son to know that I'm doing the best I can.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cloth Diaper Disaster

All of Nathan's cloth diapers are out right now. As a result, we were forced to buy him disposables. Hayy.

There's a reason why we use a separate laundry soap for Nathan's cloth diapers. It's not just being maarte, but you see, cloth diapers need extra care -- like making sure that the soap doesn't have extra enzymes or other what-nots. Bleach, fabric softeners are a big no-no for cloth diapers. So imagine my surprise when I smelled downy in all of Nathan's cloth diapers last night. Hayy. I rinsed them again, twice -- to see if the smell would rub off but no. I just decided to hang them and 'test' it once they're dried already. I'm hoping longer sun exposure would do a magic trick.

I just hate seeing Nathan in disposables. :(