Friday, March 2, 2012

Never again, I pray.

I never thought I’d ever write a blog post inside a hospital room.

Nathan got admitted yesterday, after three days of fever and diarrhea. We already went here last Tuesday, just one day after the fever but he was sent home coz he was still bibo and makulit when we got here. Initial diagnosis was amoebiasis. This puzzled me and Bob, since everything Nathan uses is sterilized, and we use distilled water for everything.

Anyway, two days later, Nathan refused to take his milk, if he did, he would spit it out after a few minutes. That prompted me and Bob to bring him to the ER again, and just as suspected, the resident doctor told us he needs to be hydrated thru IV and be given meds thru it as well.  Need I mention that he gave us the scare of our lives when he looked at Nathan’s records and said, “Oh typhoid to ah!” like it was something ordinary.

Nathan was okay pa the first few minutes, then he seemed to sense na they were going to inject him with something na, so he cried! I couldn’t bare to look at him when the nurse was administering his skin test. Hay yung iyak ni Nathan in itself is heartbreaking na. When it was time to put the dextrose, Nathan was screaming already. He looks at me, and then to his Dad, as if crying for help, but there was just nothing we could do at the moment. Ayaw pa ako palapitin kasi ganun daw talaga?

Heartbreaking is seeing your son, barely a year old, with dextrose. Oh poor little hands! I couldn’t imagine how the nurse was able to get it right the first time, but thank God he did coz had he failed, I probably would’ve unleashed the warfreak in me.

It’s now Day 2, and Nathan is feeling a lot better already. I say so coz the first thing he did when he woke up was pinch my nose, haha! He’s very active again and he moves a lot! This morning, we brought the laptop (hence the blogging) and he watched Happy Feet (his favorite movie) kaya ang happy happy niya naman. We brought toys din, and he was so excited to play with it even with just one hand free.

And because he’s feeling better na, ang likot na niya super! Nahuhulog ang puso ko whenever he moves his right hand coz that’s where the dextrose is, and natatakot ako na mamisplace and they have to reinsert. True enough, just at about lunch time, the nurse noticed that Nathan’s hand was a bit swollen, and they decided to take it off. I could imagine in Nathan’s mind, he’s laughing and saying “Aha! My plan worked!”

We’re hoping that Nathan gets discharged today, or at least tomorrow be the last day. Ay grabe, while I was typing this, pumasok ang nurse to say she's going to reinsert his IV. Nooooo! Kawawang Nathan. She couldn't get it right after a few tries kaya ako na nagsabi, please tell the doctor we don't want IV for Nathan anymore. Buti naman pumayag. Dumedede na naman si Nathan and no more vomiting, so I guess it's okay na to remove the IV. Nakakaawa naman kasi to the highest level.

Hayy. I pray never to experience this again.